About Face, 2003 / Back


"It's interesting how Chapeau combines the music and the singing, sometimes sounding like a very stripped version of Nick Cave."
- Vital Weekly

"Think of 'Pod' era Ween ... but Eddy does it without sniffing Scotch Guard."
- M. Duncan (Black Mayonnaise)

"In a way it sort of reminds me of some of the solo work that Greg Ginn did after Black Flag (if that helps any)."
- Neo-Zine.com

"I enjoyed it a lot - sounded like a drunken Tony Iommi."
- P. Legard (Xenis Emputae)

"Like the diabolical offering of some dude who grew up dreaming of Bootsy Collins or maybe one of those gyratin' dudes in the Ohio Players, without ever realizing he was made for playing in Cheer-Accident instead."
- The One True Dead Angel

"People in the Brise-Cul entourage compared this to stuff like Jesus & Mary Chain, Lou Reed and Mike Patton's Tomahawk."
- M. Sasseville (Brise-Cul Records)

"Really this stuff sort of sounds like a semi talented toddler trying to play Sonic Youth songs or something like that."
- Aversionline

est. 1999
Ontario, Canada